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About The who, what and why our company exists

We are dolmen, a passionate full service visual communications agency. Full service means we're committed to creating, printing, advertising, but above all: dolmen is committed to enhancing. Below you'll find our science, our elements, and your solution.

Branded Evolution

Our catalyst is the transformation of your brand’s expectation. Dolmen doesn’t propose you should compete and survive, but instead selected as the fittest.

Innovative Conception

Our science gravitates around the power to shape compositions, elements, and materials precise to your expectations.

Unrelenting Commitment

The dolmen effect is measured by how well you are able to affect. Your results are a chain reaction, your success is ours.

Boutique Approach

Dolmen doesn't do work, we invest. Think thought partner, not client, customer, or just another number.

More About Us

Our Mission

Our goal is to manage effective solutions that respond to the community's needs, as well as promote growth within our society.

In Miami, our aim is to respond to the need of innovation by generating creative solutions based on the development of design elements and the resources.

40 Offices Worldwide
6 Countries
3 Continents
310 Problem Solvers

Elements These are the elements we use to invest in, affect, and transform your brand.

Large Printing

Large Format printing has always been our passion and main goal since we started the company.


Branding, packaging, leave all that to us, we promise to make your brand stand out in the crowd.

Creative Design

We're not only good at designing digital goodies, we also have lots of experience in design.

Outdoor Media

Offering impactful media from Billboards to bus stops, digital media, we do it all, to offer impactful advertising.

Accelerated Process

Need it quick? No problem. We have offices that span the globe and our design team works across multiple time zones to meet your deadlines. We're like the Doc Brown of creative elements.


Interior Design is one of our hidden expertise. Our out of the box attitude landed us inside the house of our designers, printers, and installers. Groomed to handle your decor needs. From wallpaper to canvas we'll help you mark your territory.

Our Work Check out our recent projects surely you’ll immediately fall in love.

Outdoor Media
Large Format
Creatives Elements

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Branding, Interiorism

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Interiorism, Large Format

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Creative, Large Format

Featured Clients

We work with some of the world’s biggest brands, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, and bloggers.

We're also Canvas Pros Here are some of the most popular size options.


  • Great for limited wall spaces
  • Mounted on a 2" wood frame
  • Ships withing 48 hours of art approval
  • Filters & touchups included
  • Package deals available
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  • Center piece for any home
  • Perfect for large wall spaces
  • Mounted on a 2" wood frame
  • Filters & touchups included
  • Package deals available
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